The Gift Itself LLC is a fine art shop that offers a variety of handmade, one of a kind jewelry and art from both local and national artists.

Most of the jewelry you see in our shop is created by our own hands. Working in a wide variety of metals- from gold and silver to brass and copper, we are hand forging metals into one of a kind pieces of art. In addition to creating art from metal, we are able to incorporate stunning gemstones, including anything from diamonds to quartz and everything in between.

Custom jewelry is one of our specialties. Our expert staff is happy to work with you to create jewelry that is as unique as you are. Our studio is complete with all of the tools needed to offer our clients a wide variety of jewelry options suitable for every taste and budget.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship. Our dedication to the craft of metalsmithing is not limited to the creation of fine art jewelry. Instead we offer our customers professional jewelry repairs of all kinds, completed in house by our master jeweler. Repairs include: sterling silver, gold, costume, rhinestone, beaded, pearls, heirloom, antique, metal hollowware, and more.

The Gift Itself began 20 years ago with co-founders Allen Buch and Michelle Zjala Winter. The dream was to bring the joy and pleasures of the arts to the community of Green Bay by offering affordable, high quality, handmade jewelry and art.

In 2006 Buch and Winter hired Rachel Sowinski to work as their sales representative. Over time Rachel’s responsibilities increased along with her knowledge of the ins and outs of the business. During this time, Rachel was achieving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with specific courses in the arts to better evolve and develop herself as an artist. She was also acquiring real-world skills through being represented at The Gift Itself as one of their most successful artists.

In 2011 Rachel was formally offered the position as new owner of The Gift Itself and by fall of 2012 was able to officially declare herself the proud new owner. She is excited to add her new ideas to The Gift Itself while at the same time preserving the integrity of the core values that inspired Al and Michelle to create the business in the first place- the idea that art is for everyone, can fit into any budget, and communicates directly with a person’s spirit.