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There are so many pieces of new art here!!

Alright!! I admit it, I'm a nerd for the arts!! There, I said it, now enjoy more photos of awesome new art that our artists have produced. Included in the following photos is a super cute new jumper that Mary Sue Fenner made, temari balls (ancient Japanese toys) by local artist Sally Cubitt, and holiday ornaments from Barb and Doug Henderson out of Sturgeon Bay.

One of our watercolor artists, Stacey Small brought in new greeting cards with beautiful original works of art on each card. We are going to have new work from one of our old favorites, Rollin Karg who does glorious blown glass sculptures. 

Also, don't forget about Draw-lery by previous owner Michelle Zjala Winter. Get your orders in sooner rather than later for the coming holiday season. Stop in with your childs drawings and she will turn them into wearable pieces of jewelry in silver or gold. She did just finish a new collection of jewelry for us including evergreen trees in silver, accenting natural gemstones. 

There is so much going on down here, we can't even get all the info out quick enough to share. Stop on down to check it all out. Enjoy this beautiful fall day and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Below are the fused glass pieces by Bard and Doug Henderson


Mary Sue Fenner clothing and David Kwasny painting




Sally Cubitt Temari Balls


Glass and metal scupltures from Rollin Karg

Watercolor cards (among others) and don't forget about "Draw-Lery" by Michelle Zjala Winter for the upcoming holiday!


Natural gemstone accented with a silver evergreen tree by Michelle Zjala Winter.


Closing early on October 6th

Hello, everyone!

The Gift Itself will be closing at 1:00 on Monday, October 6th due to a wedding! Thank you all for your understanding!


Last Farmer's Market Tonight!

Well, folks, summer is officially over, which means the last farmer's market of the season is tonight! While it's a bummer to see those super fun evenings on Broadway come to a close for the year, it sounds like tonight will be quite the celebration- we are going out with a bang!

The Gift Itself will be open tonight until 7:00, so please stop in and say hello! We have updated the floor plan of the store and gotten new work in from one of our wonderful fiber artists, Mary Sue Fenner. In addition, we have been producing new work like crazy, so there's lots of new jewelry to check out! After checking out the new work at the store, why not stick around on the street? This evening the market will be open until 10:00, and The Cougars, a local favorite band, will be performing!

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers for supporting the Farmer's Market on Broadway! I think we can all agree that it's truly a one-of-a-kind event for a one-of-a-kind district! It promises to be a very exciting and fun night- we definitely recommend you don't miss it! 

Check out our Etsy page

Beautiful day in September isn't it? Check out all the new work on our Etsy page. Feel free to message us with any questions or requests about the pieces you see here. We will happily work with you to create just the right piece of jewelry or piece of art for you!

Hours Reduced

It's here! September. I have to admit, one of my personal favorite months as I have a birthday right smack dab in the middle of it. This month also means reduced hours on Farmers Market on Broadway night. With the change of seasons comes the changing of sun light hours. With that, the market goes until 7:00 pm now instead of the usual 8:00. If you made it to the market, you saw how dark it started getting. Keet it in mind this week when you make it down the all that delicious produce!