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Making, Creating and More Making

We've been busy around here and you can find an assortment of new work either on our shop tab. Clicking on an item in our shop will jump you to our Etsy page or click this link :


More items will be added but, as always, there is way more to see and enjoy when you stop on in. Always hand made, unique and made in the U.S.A.


14ky gold, blue boulder opal and alexandrite

Extended Hours

Can't Believe It!

Not every November 17th you get to have your screen door open AND holiday decorations up :)  Lighting Ceremony On Broadway is tomorrow (Friday) the 18th from 5-9 pm and our annual party is happening that same time. See you then!

The Building Got A Paint Job!

After many years, The Gift Itself got a paint job! We kept with the original look and hues, just went a little deeper. We got the signs down, ground them a little so they shined bright again, re-wired them back together and back on the wall. Nothing quite like new paint on an old building~~*


Custom Rose Ring

I'd like to share some photos of a super cool ring I got to carve for a lovely lady. It's made using a number of her old gold jewelry and her stones. She really wanted to have a ring that looked like a rose. She brought in a number of pictures of jewelry that she liked and from those images I drew up a couple designs for her to choose from that are completely unique and one of a kind. After she picked out the design, based on the drawing, I started carving a wax from that drawing. After the wax was carved, which is basically the mold I use to cast the finished ring from, she came in and tried it on, made sure the design was just what she wanted before casting and with her approval, I could move onto making that wax rose ring, into a gold rose ring. When all was said and done, there are 10 of her stones encompassed in this ring, 1 larger center stone and 9 very small accenting gems that look a lot like drops of water or dew on a flower. I'm very happy with it and better yet, she loved it which is all I can ask for ~~**