Stop on by The Gift Itself to have your fingers sized in case that special someone would like to purchase a ring without the hassle of coming back in to get it sized!  We can size all your fingers and store them in our system so, if at anytime you need to know what size a finger is,  just stop on down or give us a call and we will have that information readily available. 


And if you didn't already know we can do gift registry as well!  So stop on down and check out the cool, hand made, one of a kind gifts !!


As some of you already know we are having an Artist Spotlight Event on Saturday September 15 2018 from         5 PM -8 PM for Michelle Zjala Winter.  We have distributed multiple posters around the Green Bay community.  If you see a poster we would like you to take a picture of it, post it to your media page, tag The Gift Itself and stop in to receive a $10.00 gift certificate!!  The gift certificate can be used from Sept 15- Dec 31 2018. Good luck hunting!!

I can't believe it is already August!  Stop on by this week to see the new whirly girls created by the wonderful Michelle Zjala Winter and check out all the new in house made, one of a kind jewelry! 

Megan Deprey still has some cool hand painted backpacks in the shop for anyone looking for a unique back to school bag!

Also, just a friendly reminder that the farmer's market is Wednesday from 3-8 pm and of course we will be there!!





Saturday September 15th 2018 from 5 pm-8 pm

Snacks and refreshments will be served


Co-founder of The Gift Itself, Michelle Zjala Winter, will be showcasing a collection of her new line of fine jewelry.

Michelle has been making jewelry since high school. Her first creation was almost 40 years ago. Since then she has shown her work in art shows and galleries, including: Amman, Jordan; Door County, Green Bay, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Illinois and Michigan. 

Most of her jewelry creations are fabricated using traditional techniques and the use of modern technology and tools. She takes flat, raw materials, such as sheet and wire, in sterling silver, gold and copper. She cuts, bends and solders them together to create her designs. She loves to use surprising materials such as Door County Beach stones captured in fabricated “boxes”, or reclaimed piano keys. Precious and Semi-precious gemstones also play an important role in her jewelry. Gemstones, both faceted and cabochons of jasper, tourmaline, labradorite and turquoise are favorites, and many times when she sees a stone she already has an idea of what she will create with it.

“Pieces of jewelry can represent a memory, hold a dream for the future, a symbol, a message for the wearer or for the world to share. I hope you enjoy wearing your Myska Design jewelry.” –Michelle Zjala Winter (Myska is the polish word for mouse, my childhood nickname).

In case you haven't heard, Farmer's Market on Broadway will be held this Tuesday July 3rd

from 3-8 pm, which means The Gift Itself will be open later this Tuesday from 10 am- 8 pm. 

We will be closing on Wednesday July 4th due to the Holiday but then opening on Thursday

with our regular hours!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July!!!!!